Cisco Jabber

​​Cisco Jabber is a desktop video conferencing application that allows individuals at multiple locations to interact 'face-to-face', share documents and/or presentations through simultaneous video and audio transmissions.​ Unlike Skype, it provides a point-to-point, secure connection between your computer and another system which supports the H.323 protocol.​​

Cisco Jabber is supported by both Mac and PC. For more information about the Cisco Jabber service from ITS, please visit 

Step 1: Download and Install the Cisco Jabber Client

To download and install the Cisco Jabber client:

1) Download the installation file from​.

2) Once downloaded, you must unzip/extract the file. Instructions on how to unzip (extra) files or folders from a compressed folder can be found at...

For Windows:​

For Mac OS:

3) With the files extracted, install the Cisco Jabber Client by:

For Windows: double left-click the JaberVideoSetupx.y.z.exe file (were x.y.z is a version number such as 4.8.8.).

For Mac OS: double click the JabberVideox.y.z.dmg file (where x.y.z is a version number such as 4.8.8.) then drag and drop the app onto the Applications icon.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. 

Step 2: Setup Cisco Jabber Client​

After installing the Cisco Jabber Client, you must specify the connection servers. To do this:

1) Open the Cisco Jabber Client. T​he login window will appear.

2) Click the "settings" icon (wrench / screwdriver) located above the "Sign In" button.

3) Please enter the following values: 

  • Internal Server: (blank)
  • External Server:
  • SIP Domain: 

4) Click "OK" to close the "Sign-in Settings" window.

5) Logon using the Cisco Jabber credentials provided.  For U of T staff members this may be your UTORID. 

Step 3: Perform Test Call

It is important to perform a test call with your all external parties. This helps avoid potential technical issues on the day of the call.  Test calls should occur as soon as possible, but at a minimum of three business day in advance of the call.

To arrange a test call with SGS, please email