Congratulations 2018

Dr. Ori Rotstein, Institute of Medical Science, Dr. JJ Berry Smith, and Dr. Susan Pfeiffer, Department of Anthropology

On May 29, SGS celebrated the achievements of students and faculty at the annual Awards Reception at the Faculty Club.

Acting Dean Luc De Nil congratulated students and faculty for their impressive achievements this year. In addition to presenting Governor General's Gold Medals to Dr. Mark Wade, Dr, David Sandomierski, and Dr. David McLagan, Professor De Nil honoured:

  • the winners of the JJ Berry Smith Supervision Award, Dr. Susan Pfeiffer and Dr. Ori Rotstein. Learn more

  • the nearly 600 graduate students who were offered Tri-agency Federal Awards

  • recipients of the new Schmidt Science Fellowship, Jielai Zhang and Xiwen Gong. Learn more

  • the recipient of the John Leyerle-CIFAR Prize for Interdisciplinary Research, Brittany Campbell. Learn more

  • the U of T 3MT winner, Meghan McGee. Learn more

(L-R) Dr. David Sandomierski, Dr. Mark Wade, and Dr. David McLagan

Congratulations to all!