Elizabeth Smyth

​​​​​​​​​​​​Vice-Dean, Programs, School of Graduate Studies (SGS)

Faculty member, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)

I joined OISE in 1989 as a faculty member, serving in the Northwestern Centre in Thunder Bay, Ontario. In 1999, I returned to the St. George campus in Toronto and began my career in academic administration. In 2009, I was invited to join the SGS Decanal team.

At SGS I support excellence in graduate education and research across the University through shaping policy and developing best practices. These efforts enhance the graduate experience for students, faculty, and staff in all four graduate divisions, across our three campuses. I am honoured to be a part of the SGS team as it includes exceptional faculty and staff.

My own work as a faculty member in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning gives me the opportunity to work with graduate students as a teacher, researcher, and supervisor. At SGS, I work with graduate students individually and on many of our internal committees. On the University of Toronto Governing Council and its boards, I serve alongside the elected graduate student representatives.

I have learned that we have a deep, extensive, and diverse graduate learning community at U of T. There are boundless opportunities for our graduate students to grow beyond the classrooms and labs and develop their whole selves.

I began my work in graduate teaching and supervision through distance learning. I taught my first online course when dial-up was the mode of connection, through PARTI as a delivery platform, and when File Transfer Protocol was a necessary part of the process. Distance or online learning has come a long way, and it has created great opportunities for our graduate students. We now have a worldwide community of students enrolled in our online courses.

Within the past decade, our graduate community has enjoyed remarkable growth, especially within the professional schools. This growth has enabled the University to build stronger links both within and outside our domestic borders. There is substantial international engagement through faculty research networks and initiatives of our international offices. As a result, there are increasing opportunities for our graduate students to learn abroad and for international students to study with us.​

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