Art Babayants

Alumnus, Master of Arts (2011), Curriculum, Teaching & Learning

Alumnus, PhD (2017) Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies

I chose U of T when I learned that my dream professor taught classes here. Years earlier, I had read her book, which made quite an impression on me. My decision was strengthened when I discovered that many other well-known professors also taught at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). I immediately thought that I'd rather be at U of T than any other school!

My research interests lie in linguistics, education and theatre; I am particularly interested in how drama can be applied to second language learning. I enjoy the fact that my graduate program at OISE is flexible enough to allow me to take classes at the Drama Centre (DC). I participated in three DC productions and that proved to be a great bonding experience: first you rehearse, and then you have lunch with your classmates and professors!

All my professors are fantastic. Whenever I need help, I email them and usually get a reply within hours. I never have problems getting appointments. My advice to all new incoming students: if you need assistance or advice, do not be afraid to ask.

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