Mohamed Soliman

​​​​​​​​Alumnus,​ PhD (2014), ​Molecular Genetics

I chose U of T because of its stellar reputation, world-class faculty and unique graduate environment; all of which would allow me to become fully immersed in an outstanding research milieu.

Training in the Department of Molecular Genetics has surpassed my expectations. I have gained the analytical ability, laboratory skills and theoretical knowledge to take responsibility for new and challenging projects and also learned new techniques.

My PhD training has equipped me with the needed expertise to become a scientist. I believe that the knowledge and skills acquired through my research, and the participation in a multidisciplinary training program, will enable me to develop a successful research career.

Receiving the prestigious Adel S. Sedra Distinguished Graduate Award (2012) has been the highlight of my experience at the University of Toronto so far. The interview process was warm and accommodating. It is one of the few scholarships/awards where the selection committee telephones the decision, rather than convey it via email or letter.

Life outside the classroom is essential for developing social skills and leadership qualities. Volunteering on a weekly basis at the Acute Care for Elderly unit at Mount Sinai Hospital and serving as a representative for Life Science students on the Graduate Education Council has helped me achieve a balanced approach to life. Given Toronto’s diversity and multiculturalism, there are ample activities to capture the imagination.

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