​Alumnus, PhD, Computer Science

I attended U of T for nine years and successfully completed my bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degree programs here. U of T appealed to me because of its reputation, location, and strong concentration in mathematical/computational finance, my chosen field. My experience at U of T was great! My fellow classmates were great sources of intellectual stimulation - I learned a lot from them. My research supervisor was wonderful. During our collaboration on a joint publication, I always felt free to pop in and discuss it—we were true partners.

I also enjoyed my work as a Teaching Assistant (TA) in the Master of Mathematical Finance (MMF) program, where I interacted with so many bright students. Even though my PhD program kept me busy, I always found time to play hockey with faculty members from the Computer Science department on Friday evenings.

My program fully prepared me for a one-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Fields Institute in a joint venture between U of T and the University of Western Ontario.

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