Victoria Hurlihey

​​Former ​​​​​​​Student Services Officer and current Manager, Front-Line Services, School of Graduate Studies​

I regard the University of Toronto as my home away from home!

My connection with the University began when I started my undergraduate degree at University College. Since then, I have been actively affiliated with the University in several ways—as a student, alumna, and staff member. Throughout my University career, I have worked in several different roles, but my current position at the School of Graduate Studies is one of my most rewarding experiences—​mainly because of the interesting, intelligent, and supportive people I encounter. 

Working in graduate administration is challenging at times; however, I find that graduate students, faculty, a​nd staff form a closely knit community which deeply cares about graduate education, research, and the student experience.

As the Student Services Officer for the Life Sciences Division, I interact with many excellent students who will no doubt become leaders in their fields. If I am able to provide assistance on registration or program issues, I feel great to have helped to make the student experience just a bit easier for someone engaged in emerging ​research.

I have a unique connection with the School of Graduate Studies because I am also a graduate student undertaking a part-time MA in Higher Education in the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)​. This gives me deeper insight into the experiences of graduate students and has enabled me to become a better graduate administrator. Moreover, the field which I have chosen specializes in the study of post-secondary institutions, the student exp​erience, and the relationship between educational institutions and the broader society in which they operate.

I wear many different hats in the realm of post-secondary education, and each one makes me a more effective administrator, researcher, and student.