Stewart Lyons

​​​​​​​​​​​​​President & Chief Executive Officer, TeraGo Networks​

Alumnus, Master of Business Administration (2004), Rotman School of Management​

I chose to do my MBA at U of T primarily because of the reputation of the Rotman School in terms of both faculty and accomplishments of the student body. I also chose the School due to being located in Toronto, which is important as a key centre for finance and industry.

The academics at Rotman were exceptional. Back then the School was in the early days of its "integrative thinking" program, which remains a unique and novel way to teach business fundamentals through a holistic lens. In a business school program, much depends on the personalities of the student body as it is really a cooperative program. U of T's Rotman program attracts exceptional students, which only furthers your education.
My background was in law, so although I had a view into finance, management, and operations, I didn't really have the fundamental training. My MBA education at U of T gave me the grounding and skill set to succeed as an entrepreneur and leader.
Probably one of the most important skills acquired in an MBA program is the ability to work in teams to solve complex problems. My current role has no shortage of challenges, so the ability to drive teams to succeed has been crucial. Also, raising capital might be the most important challenge to any business, so clearly a deep understanding of financing and capital markets is key. U of T has a strong background in finance; that is clearly evident among the alumni.

An MBA is the ticket to advancing oneself beyond certain boundaries that may exist, and is often the last degree one would pursue. So my advice would be to make it count and get the most out of the program as possible. Meet as many classmates, and learn as much as you can!!

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