Hussain Al-Alkawi

PhD Candidate
Cell & Systems Biology

I hold an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto, and I'm finishing up my PhD at the University of Toronto as well, in the Department of Cell and Systems Biology. I am studying endocrinology in the Chagas disease vector Rhodnius prolixus, commonly known as the kissing bug, in Professor Angela Lange's lab at U of T Mississauga. Chagas disease affects millions of people in Latin America.

I chose to pursue my studies at U of T in part because of its high ranking, but mainly because of the high quality of its researchers and instructors. The wide array of available scientific journals via U of T's world-class online library was also a major contributing factor.

My supervisors and research facilities have been remarkable when it came to ensuring that my research has gone as smoothly and as successfully as possible, and my colleagues were always friendly and approachable, making the University campus feel like my second home.

At UTM, the quiet environment surrounding the campus makes it ideal when it comes to focusing on the research questions at hand. The campus is very green and quiet, yet resourceful, ensuring that I get the best quality of education whilst feeling calm and at ease.

U of T's graduate school has the best resources for its students to grow and prosper, which is exactly what the school wants them to achieve. I would tell future students to be brave when it comes to trying new experiments and protocols. The graduate school experience has taught me to take calculated risks and be brave when it comes to being an explorer of science.

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