Adam Durbin

​Alumnus (2010), ​​MD/PhD, Medical Biophysics

​People at the University of Toronto are extremely passionate about what they do, and that’s why it is a great place to study. What I like about U of T is the opportunity to investigate problems that are interesting to me personally and important to the community. U of T is a place to investigate new ideas, your ideas, so that at the end of the day you have produced something tangible.

The Medical Biophysics program offers extensive and amazing opportunities to conduct research, travel to international meetings, and present on the international scene. In my program, the classes are intentionally small. When we talk about large classes, we are talking about 15 students! We know our professors by their first name; that’s not what you would expect from a big school like U of T.

My whole experience at U of T has been extremely positive. I am often asked, “Why are you undertaking this challenging program?” In hindsight, I would do it all over again. I would still choose the same program, same university, and same lab!

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