Kasia Pytlik

​Alumna (2012), Master of Social Work

U of T was my top choice as it has a specific specialization for clinical social work and a collaborative program in Women's Health. Working within a health or mental health scope focusing on women's health issues is where I hope to be practicing in the future. Given that Toronto is a metropolitan city with excellent health and mental health facilities, Toronto is the best city to gain the practical skills needed to work within a clinical setting.

The practicum portions of the MSW degree are extremely valuable. If something is discussed in class one day, the next day, when I step foot into my practicum placement, I can directly link what was just taught to the realities of professional life. The combination of theory, research, and real life experience provides a truly unique experience that most other schools in smaller cities cannot provide. Additionally, U of T offers a variety of collaborative programs that allows you to target your studies to your specific interests.

There are a number of clubs, committees, and sports leagues that U of T offers after class. I'm involved in a number of different activities that offer a great way to engage with my faculty and university. Being involved will positively augment one's grad experience, and is a great way to make friends.

If prospective students are looking for an exceptional clinical experience that will complement their academic studies in social work, U of T offers the best opportunities and experiences for its students—hands down!

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