Mohammad Rahaman

​​​​​Alumnus, PhD, Management and E​conomics

I had several offers from graduate schools in the UK, USA, and Canada. Choosing the right school was a difficult decision because all the institutions offered excellent programs. However, my professors at Cambridge, where I was completing my MPhil, advised me that U of T would be a better match for my chosen field.

U of T provided a high-quality education and allowed me to experience all the multiculturalism and varied interests that a city like Toronto offers. I see a lot of people like me, rather than unlike me. Here you get the whole package!

I appreciated the guaranteed funding that U of T offers. It provided peace of mind, allowing me to concentrate on my PhD studies. The program met all my expectations. I had a well-defined plan to execute and was fortunate to meet an advisor with matching interests who supported me throughout my research.

I am happy to start my career as a professor at Sobey’s Business School at St. Mary’s University in Halifax. U of T prepared me well for my future career.

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