Tristan Sharp

​​​​Alumnus, PhD (2013), Medieval Studies 

The Medieval Studies program at U of T offered a collegial atmosphere from the first day of my studies. My classmates and professors were very knowledgeable and supportive. Even though you have your own supervisor, other faculty on your supervisory committee are also very important sources of expertise, which creates a collaborative team environment.

Two things would characterize my experience at U of T. Firstly, when you attend U of T, you have access to great professors and a lot of resources, but the school also offers a unique student experience. Secondly, U of T is unique in that the St. George campus is located in the downtown core of one of the largest cities in Canada. So, in addition to a great academic experience, you also have an exciting urban experience!

After graduation, I would like to teach at a postsecondary institution in Canada, the USA, or overseas. Many graduates of U of T’s Medieval Studies program are now teaching in leading institutions around the world. U of T definitely opens a lot of doors, both in terms of contacts and reputation.

For anyone who is interested in Medieval Studies, I recommend U of T’s program. It offers great resources, world-class faculty, and a unique experience for all.

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