Vincent Cheung

​​​​​​​Alumnus, PhD (2013), Electrical & Computer Engineering

​I had to choose between two graduate schools: U of T and Stanford. I chose U of T because I already had a thesis advisor—a top researcher—with great connections to industry research labs. It perfectly matched my research area of interest. The other factor was that an NSERC fellowship covered my tuition and living costs.

I always had a passion for computers, programming, algorithms, and solving problems. The program has allowed me to pursue my interests while exploring different possibilities. Above all, I am achieving my potential. What I learned in the classroom and in my own research naturally led me to start my own company.

I learned from top researchers in my field and collaborated with researchers in different departments. I had an opportunity to intern at both Microsoft Research and Google. My home department, the U of T commercialization group, the Rotman School of Management, and MaRS provided advice, assistance, and support for my start-up company.

The highlight of my experience at U of T was growing as an individual—becoming my own person. It is broadening my views of the world, and I am discovering my calling as an entrepreneur.

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