Diploma Programs at a Glance

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​All diploma programs are offered full-time unless otherwise indicat​ed.


*Admission​s su​spended
​EFTExtended full-time option​
p​Part-time option available in addition to full-time program
​p~Program only offered part-time​​


Graduate Unit​​

​Program Name


​Infor​mation​Advanced Study in Information StudiesGDipIStp​​
Management​Professional Accounting​​GDipPA
Management & Innovation​Investigative and Forensic Accounting​DIFAp~
Nursing ScienceMaster of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner Field) Concurrent Diploma in Anaesthesia Care ​(admissions have been suspended)GDipNPAC​*

Post Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner Field) Diploma in Anaesthesia Care​​GDipNPAC*

​Post-Master's Nurse Practitioner ​(admissions have been suspended)​​DipNPp (PMNP)

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