General Regulations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​All graduate students are accepted under the General Regulations of the School of Graduate Studies (SGS). See also Degree Regulations section and the program entries by graduate unit.


The Graduate Education Council of the School of Graduate Studies​ has the power to waive the application of a regulation in individual cases. Such exemptions are granted only in exceptional circumstances and require the favourable recommendation of the graduate unit and of the School of Graduate Studies Admissions and Programs Committee​.

1 Organiz​ation of the School of Graduate Studies

​1.1 The Divisions

1.2 Graduate Education Council

1.3 Graduate Units​

1.4 Graduate Programs

1.5 Graduate Faculty

2 Student Categories

2.1 Degree or Diploma Student

2.2 Special (Non-degree) Student

2.3 Visiting Student

3 Application for Admission to a Degree Program

3.1 Procedures

3.2 Application Deadlines

3.3 Acceptance to Program

4 Admissions Regulations and Procedures

4.1 Academic Requirements for Admission

4.2 Regulations and Procedures

4.3 English-Language Proficiency

5 Structure of Academic Programs

5.1 Academic Year

5.2 Academic Programs

5.3 Program Length

5.4 Period of Residence

5.5 Time Limit​

6 Registration and Enrolment

6.1 Registration Policies and Procedures

6.2 Enrolment Policies and Procedures​​

7 Good Academic Standing and Satisfactory Academic Progress, Time Limits, Supervision, and Candidacy

7.1 All Degree S​tudents

7.2 Full-Time Students

7.3 Timely Completion of Graduate Program Requirements

7.4 Satisfactory Completion of Graduate Courses

7.5 Doctoral Students​

8 Graduate Student Supervision

8.1 Thesis Topic and Supervision

8.2 Doctoral Supervision

8.3 Doctoral Final Oral Examination

8.4 Submission of Theses​

9 Graduation

9.1 Degree Recommendations

9.2 Convocaton Ceremonies

10 Academic Appeals Policy

10.1 General

10.2 Informal Mediation

10.3 Steps​​

11 Policies and Guidelines

11.1 University Assessment and Grading Practices Policy

11.2 Academic Continuity Policy

11.3 Intellectual Property

11.4 Research Ethics

11.5 Policy on Academic Sanctions for Students Who Have Outstanding Obligations to the University

11.6 Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters

11.7 Policy and Procedures: Sexual Harassment

11.8 Code of Student Conduct

11.9 Access to Official Student Academic Records

11.10 Transcript Policy

11.11 Policy on Official Correspondence with Students

11.12 Policy on the Framework on Off-Campus Safety

11.13 Statement on Appropriate Use of Information and Communication Technology

11.14 Statement on Human Rights​​

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