Three Minute Thesis 2013 Profiles

​On March 22, 2013, U of T held its first 3MT® competition, which challenges doctoral students from any division to present their research and its wider impact in three minutes or less to a panel of non-specialist judges. U of T’s finalist and runner-up presented in the finals at Queen’s University​ on April 18, 2013.

First Place:

Jasdeep Saggar (Medical Biophysics)  

While research indicates that hypoxia-activated pro-drugs (HAPs) may increase tumour shrinkage in combination with chemotherapy drugs, their effects on cell division and cell death in different regions of tumours remain unknown. Ms Saggar’s dissertation, “Hypoxia-activated Pro-drugs: A Novel Approach for Breast Cancer Treatment,” promises to
elucidate on the distribution and activity of HAPs within tumours. More on Jas Saggar.​

Second Place:

Abraham Heifets (Computer Science)

Mr. Heifets’ doctoral research, “How Can We Make Better Medicines? Computer Tools for Chemistry,” involves the development of software for chemical synthesis planning. Using techniques from domains like robotic navigation and computer game playing, Mr. Heifets’ project attempts to combine powerful heuristics with memory-efficient and/or graph search ​​algorithms in the context of organic chemistry.

Participants in U of T’s Final Heat:

Jenna Evans (Health Policy, Management and Evaluation)
Tzu Huan Chuck Chen (Nutritional Sciences)
Christine Arnold (Leadership, Higher and Adult Education)
Gary W.J. Pluim (Curriculum, Teaching and Learning)
Houra Mahmoudzadeh (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)
Robin Hopson (Curriculum, Teaching and Learning)
Alexandre Albanese (Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering).