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Creating a Supportive Environment for International Students

March 6, 2017

The School of Graduate Studies has implemented a number of initiatives aimed at decreasing barriers to internationalization. These initiatives include:

  • Eliminating the $400 application and administration fee for the International Visiting Graduate Student (IVGS) Study Abroad Program. In doing so, we hope to encourage additional qualified international graduate students who are pursuing a graduate degree at their home university to undertake advanced Master's or Doctoral research at the University of Toronto for a study period of up to 3 sessions (normally a maximum of 12 months).

  • Assessing and enhancing the effectiveness of immigration services for graduate students, currently administered by the Centre for International Experience (CIE).

  • Enhancing resources and support for international students through embedding additional staff within Student Services at SGS.

  • Streamlining the application process for the Joint Educational Placement Program (JEP), which enables individual students to pursue their doctoral degree program under the joint supervision of faculty from U of T and a collaborating Canadian or international university.


In response to the US Executive Order that had imposed travel restrictions on Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, SGS is:

  • Enlarging our funding commitment to the Scholars at Risk Program, housed at Massey College, with a special bursary for graduate students whose education and/or research has been disrupted by conflict or war. The fund can be reactive to risks that arise, such as those associated with the recent US Executive Orders.
  • Encouraging graduate units with space in their programs to make the following provisions for new applicants from the seven (now six) countries directly affected by the travel restrictions:
    • waiving application fees for new applicants from these seven countries, and
    • waiving the requirement for recent evidence of English language proficiency and using alternative ways to assess these students' English language skills.