Opening Doors

Creating Careers

Are you a graduate student considering a career outside of academia?
Do you wonder about the range of career options that your field of study makes possible?
Are you curious about how to pursue professional excellence outside of the university?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you're encouraged to attend Opening Doors: Creating Careers, an initiative designed to help U of T grad students explore and imagine a future outside of the ivory tower. 

As recent higher education and employment trends have shown, graduate students are facing a new and challenging job market where hiring practices, employer demands, and marketable skills are constantly changing. At the same time, university career options for graduates are becoming increasingly limited in certain fields.

In order to meet these challenges, the School of Graduate Studies presents a series of panel discussions from professionals who will share their career narratives and answer questions.

In recent years, Opening Doors has proven to be a remarkable success with U of T graduate students who have emphasized the panel's effectiveness in teaching the importance of fostering relationships and networking, being open to new opportunities, developing professional skills, and tapping into one's passions. 

Following the career panel, there is a general networking reception that allows graduate students and professionals to exchange contact information, business cards, ideas, strategies, and to forge new career possibilities.

Panel Discussion Dates

Creating Careers in Life Sciences

February 2017

Creating Careers in Physical Sciences

February 2017

Creating Careers in Social Sciences

February 2017

Creating Careers in Humanities

February 2017