SGS Gym Bursary

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Are you a registered doctoral-stream student planning to be on St. George campus this summer?

Strike a balance between work and play by purchasing a summer gym membership, and receive a bursary from the School of Graduate Studies! 

Your level of reimbursement will depend on the location and duration of your membership. For instance, SGS will cover up to $85 of a May-August membership at the Hart House Fitness Centre, where drop-in and registered fitness classes are available, along with fitness services, a cardio area, a weight room and squash courts.

How the SGS Gym Bursary Works

The SGS Gym Bursary is part of a three-year pilot program to promote graduate student wellness. Beginning mid-May 2017, if you are a full-time doctoral-stream student registered on ROSI for the full Summer 2017 session, simply upload your proof of gym membership payment at a St. George campus facility to the SGS Portal on the School of Graduate Studies website. Your request will be processed within 7-10 business days.

If you have questions about the SGS Gym Bursary, please contact Michelle Ekuban, Financial Advisor, School of Graduate Studies.

Interested in getting coverage this summer for UTSC or UTM athletic fees?

Please contact (UTSC) and (UTM).