2015-16 Decanal Memoranda

University Fund - Graduate Program Innovation Invitation for Proposals

To: Faculty Deans, Graduate Vice/Associate Deans (CGD)

From: Locke Rowe, Dean, School of Graduate Studies, Vice-Provost, Graduate Research and Education

Cc: SGS Deans and Directors

Date: April 5, 2016

On March 10, 2016, an email notice was sent to the Academic Divisions regarding the 2016-2017 University Fund allocations. Further to this communication, this topic has been discussed at several recent meetings.  

This memo is to formally invite proposals with respect to the Graduate Program Innovation Fund. This special initiative fund allocation ($1,500,000 per year, over three years) has been established to support proposals to enhance and improve time to completion and graduation rates of students in graduate programs. Initiatives could include curriculum redesign efforts, addressing supervision challenges, recruitment initiatives beyond the GTA, graduate professional development, targeted student funding and others.

Any graduate unit with a proposal, would make the request for funding through their Faculty Dean's Office, or Vice-Dean Graduate Office, as appropriate. Awards for the funds will be made at the Faculty level. Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis. Proposals should include the expected time frame for use of the funds and need not be more than one page. 

Should you have any questions, please be in touch.


Locke Rowe, Vice-Provost Graduate Research and Education
Emma Thacker, Associate Director Graduate Affairs

Conflict Resolution Centre (CRC) for Graduate Students

Locke Rowe, Vice-Provost, Graduate Education and Dean, School of Graduate Studies
David Newman, Senior Director, Student Experience, Student Life
University of Toronto Graduate Students' Union (UTGSU)

Dear University of Toronto Community:

We are very pleased to announce the official launch of the Conflict Resolution Centre (CRC) for Graduate Students at U of T this term. The CRC was envisioned and developed in partnership between the School of Graduate Studies, Student Life, and the Graduate Students' Union, in response to recommendations highlighted in the Mental Health Framework and extensive research into and consideration of support programs and conflict resolution models at other universities. 

The CRC is a pilot project that aims to support the University in working towards graduate student success, through the development of:

  • a trained peer team to provide informal and confidential support to graduate students specific to relational conflict concerns, graduate student roles and responsibilities, and referral to appropriate campus resources 

  • a training program to support local units/departments in supporting and referring students

  • an​ advisory committee to guide and assess the direction of the service 

It should be emphasized that the CRC is intended as a resource for best practices in early and effective conflict resolution for the graduate community and not as a counselling, advocacy or complaints centre. 

As a major component of this pilot project, a graduate-to-graduate peer team, referred to as the G2G Peer Advisor team, has engaged in 40 hours of extensive training in preparation for advising their peers on how they might try to prevent, resolve, or manage disputes during their graduate studies. The G2G Peer Advisor team has broad representation including students from all three campuses, as well as students in both master's and doctoral programs. These students will be available for one-on-one conversations and will also be providing workshops and other outreach to graduate students. 

For more information on the Grad CRC visit the Conflict Resolution Centre website or email Heather McGhee Peggs, Manager for the Conflict Resolution Centre.