2018-19 Decanal Memoranda

Announcing New Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students​​

Date: April 5, 2019 
To: Graduate Deans, Chairs, Directors, Coordinators, and Administrators​

I am pleased to announce the following new funding opportunities for graduate students starting this spring.

The School of Graduate Studies has created new opportunities for underrepresented and international graduate students based on merit and/or financial need. Beginning with the upcoming launch of the University-Wide Awards competition (UWA), a new opportunity named "SGS Fellowships and Bursaries for Black and/or Indigenous Students" will provide approximately 12 new funding opportunities, each valued at $5,000 or more. In addition, approximately 16 new awards for international students valued at $10,000 each will be available through a later competition. Application details and complete eligibility requirements for the UWA will be communicated shortly through an SGS Award Announcement and can be found on the SGS website.

The quality of graduate education at U of T is enriched by the contributions of students from all backgrounds and life experiences, and we encourage faculty and staff to make graduate students aware of these opportunities.

For more information, please contact Fong Di Caterina, Manager, Graduate Awards Office.


Update to the SGS Summer Gym Bursary​ 

Date: Friday, April 5, 2019 Graduate Deans, Chairs, Directors, Coordinators, and Administrators
To: Graduate Deans, Chairs, Directors, Coordinators, and Administrators​

Currently in its final year of a three-year pilot, the SGS Summer Gym Bursary will now be open to all master's and doctoral students in both research-stream and professional programs who are registered full-time in the Summer 2019 session. Reimbursing students up to a maximum of $110.69 for a full or partial summer membership at Hart House Fitness Centre and Kinesiology & Physical Education (KPE) facilities, this bursary has proven to be an effective initiative in encouraging graduate student wellness.

Applications for the 2019 SGS Gym Bursary will open in mid-May. For more information, please visit the SGS website or contact Alice Brummell, Coordinator, Student Support and Financial Aid.

Students at UTSC and UTM campuses interested in obtaining gym fees coverage should contact seisner@utsc.utoronto.ca (UTSC) and anna.reale@utoronto.ca (UTM).