Admissions & Programs Committee Membership

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With GEC approval, membership of the A & P Committee for 2015-2016 is as follows:

Chair: Luc De Nil, SGS Vice‐Dean, Students

Alternate Chair: Liz Smyth, SGS Vice-Dean, Programs

Secretary: VIctoria Hurlihey, Manager, Front-line Services, (non-voting member)

Ex-Officio Members: Locke Rowe, SGS Dean 
                                    Don MacMillan, Director, SGS Student Services (non-voting member)

Division I Faculty Member: Pascal Michelucci, French Language and Literature (Sept 1, 2015–Aug 31, 2016)

Division II Faculty Member: Anna Korteweg, Sociology (Sept 1, 2015–Aug 31, 2016)

Division III Faculty Member: Markus Bussmann, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (Sept 1, 2015–Aug 31, 2016)

Division IV Faculty Member: Howard Mount, Institute of Medical Science (Sept 1, 2015–Aug 31, 2016)

Graduate Student Member: Bogdan Smarandache, Div I (Sept 1, 2015–Aug 31, 2016)

Alternate Graduate Student Member: Jessica Arsenault, Div IV (Sept 1, 2015–Aug 31, 2016)

Updated, July 16, 2015