Committee on Program Matters Membership

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​Unit N​​ame


​School of Graduate Stud​ies

​​​Liz Smyth (Chair)

​Centre for Medieval Studies

​Isabelle Cochelin

​Centre of Criminology and Sociolegal Studies

Matthew Light​

​Graduate Department of Aerospace Science and Engineering

​Chris Damaren

​Graduate Department of Computer Science

​Peter Marbach

​Graduate Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

​Frank Kschischang

​Graduate Department of Exercise Sciences

​Marius Locke

​Graduate Department of Forestry

​Jay Malcolm

​Graduate Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures

​Angela Fenner

​Graduate Department of History

Steve Penfold​​

​School of Public Policy and Governance

​Linda White

​Graduate Department of Information

​Kelly Lyons

​Graduate Department of Medical Biophysics

​Lothar Lilge / Thomas Kislinger

​Graduate Department of Nutritional Sciences

​Thomas Wolever

​Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Science

​Dina Brooks

​Graduate Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

​Joseph Schallert

​Graduate Department of Spanish

​Nestor Rodriguez

​Graduate Department of Speech-Language Pathology

​Susan Wagner

​Graduate Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

​Ruth Childs

​Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering

​Julie Audet

​Graduate student, Music

​Amanda Hsieh

​Graduate student, Anthropology

​Jessica Cook

​Graduate student, Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

​Christina Mitas

​Graduate student, Civil Engineering

Jenny Hill​

​Graduate Student, Psychology

​Jessica Arsenault

​SGS, ex officio

​Locke Rowe

​SGS (non-voting)

​Angelique Plata

​SGS Student Services, ex-officio (non-voting or designate)

Don MacMillan​

​SGS Information Systems, ex-officio (non-voting or designate)

​​Corey Dales