Committee on Program Matters Membership

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​​Unit N​​ame


​School of Graduate Stud​ies

​​​Liz Smyth (Chair)

​School of the Environment

​Kimberley Strong

​Centre for Study of Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies

Antje Budde

​Centre for Study of Religion

​Amira Mittermaier

Munk School of Global Affairs

​Mark Manger

​Graduate Department of Anthropology

​Gary Coupland

​Graduate Department of Art

​John Ricco

​Graduate Department of Economics

​Ettore Damiano

​Graduate Department of Earth Sciences

​Joerg Bollmann

​Institute of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation

Whitney Berta​​

​Graduate Department of Italian Studies

​Franco Pierno

​Graduate Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology

​Harry Elsholtz

​Graduate Department of Law

​Mariana Prado

​Graduate Department of Management

​Brian Golden

​Graduate Department of Materials Science and Engineering

​Uwe Erb

​Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy

​Jill Stier

​Graduate Department of Pharmacology

​Peter McPherson

​Graduate Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences

​Carl Mitchell

​Institute for the History and Philsophy of Science and Technology

​Yiftach Fehige

​Institute of Medical Science

​Howard Mount

​Mathematical Finance Program

​Luis Seco

​Women and Gender Studies Institute

​Brian Price

​Graduate student, Philosophy

​Charles Dalrymple-Fraser

​Graduate student, Centre for Medieval Studies

Boaz Schuman

​Graduate student, Leadership, Higher & Adult Education

​Emma Sabzalieva

​Graduate student, Biomedical Engineering

​Adam Qudrat

​Graduate student, Physiology

​Melanie Markovic

​SGS, ex-officio

Joshua Barker​

​SGS (non-voting)

Angelique Plata​

​SGS Student Services, ex-officio (non-voting or designate)

Laura Stathopoulos​

​SGS Student Services, ex-officio (non-voting or designate)

​Josie Lalonde​