Managing Student Records

Best Practices

Best Practices for Managing Graduate Student Records - Memo to Grad Administrators (August 16, 2018) ​

The creation and maintenance of student records are essential to document the student's academic progress, manage the relationship between the student and the University, and provide support to the student after they leave the University. As a resource to graduate administrators, view the presentation on Managing Student Records and the Best Practices for Managing Graduate Student Records guide, which includes:

Why maintain graduate student records?
What laws and policies apply to graduate student records?
Where and how should graduate student records be stored?
How should graduate student records be filed?
What do I do with the records of graduate students who graduate, withdraw, or fail to show?
How long should graduate student records be kept?
How should graduate records be transferred to the University Archives?
How should graduate records be destroyed?

Records Schedules

Records schedules are a vital component of any records management program. Graduate student records schedules specify required retention periods and final dispositions of records series.

In collaboration with the School of Graduate Studies and the University of Toronto Archives and Records Management Services, the University of Toronto Graduate Student Records Schedules were approved to assist graduate units in maintaining student records.

For ease of reference, the Records Schedules are listed below:

Schedule # 56-0003 (Graduate Student Records: admissions, registration/enrolment, personal, graduation documents)
Schedule # 56-0004 (Graduate Student Records: other student information, documents not part of the student file)
Schedule # 56-0005 (Postdoctoral Fellows Records: SGS Postdoctoral Office, other graduate unit documents)
Schedule # 56-0008 (Graduate Student Records: SGS Graduate Awards Office)

Written Examinations

For information regarding the retention of written examinations and other written graded work, including how long students have the opportunity to review their exam answers, please see the SGS Guidelines on Re-Reading & Retention of Examinations.


The University of Toronto Archives and Records Management Services provides advice, guidance and training on records management. Information for University Administrators contains a wide range of records management tools for University administrators.

If you cannot find the advice you need through the above resources, please contact the SGS Student Academic Services Office or U of T Records Archivist Tys Klumpenhouwer.