Grad Talks

 Grad Talks 

Grad Talks

Gradlife and The Grad Room partner to offer learning sessions to help graduate students build skills and gain balance; most sessions are held at the Grad Room at 66 Harbord Street. or the Main Activity Hall at 569 Spadina Ave.

Sessions fall in one of these categories:

  • Communication

  • Personal Development
  • Wellness

  • Creative Arts

  • Career

  • Great to Know

  • Academic Support




Telling Compelling Stories

Wednesday, March 21, 12:00 -1:00 pm

Whether it's a corporate setting, a stage performance, or just coffee with a good friend - knowing how to tell a compelling story matters. This two-hour workshop focuses on beginner skills. Finding your personal storytelling voice, the hard and fast rules of an enthralling story, stage presence, characters, and story structure. Discover ways to emphasize the strengths while minimizing the weaknesses. Pizza will be available. 

Presented by Sage Tyrtle.



Getting the Most from your Supervisor

Tuesday, April 3 12:00 -2:00 pm

Wondering how you can get the most out of your supervisory relationship?  Want to know how you can use the Graduate Supervision Guidelines and learn some effective strategies for implementing positive change?  Join fellow graduate students and G2G Peer Advisors from the Graduate Conflict Resolution Centre (CRC) for an interactive discussion about the challenges of working with a supervisor, how to use the guidelines to your advantage, and tips and tricks for getting the most out of your supervisory relationship. Pizza will be served.

P.S. Want to read the guidelines before you come? Check them out here.



Fostering Effective Relationships during Grad School

Thursday, April 19 12:00 -2:00 pm

Do you have the tools to navigate your relationship commitments? As a graduate student you need to foster effective relationships with your peers, professors, supervisors, partner, family and friends in tandem. Good and healthy relationships require both a personal and professional investment in order to lead a productive lifestyle. In this session we explore Brene Brown’s teachings on the importance of being vulnerable and have you assess your Emotional Quotient (EQ). Presented by the Leadership Team in Student and Campus Community Development. Pizza will be available.



BikeChain: Bike Safety and Maintenance

Thursday, May 17, 12:00 -1:30 pm

Do you feel nervous biking in the city? Would you like to know how to keep your bike running smoothly? Come to Bikechain's Cycling Safety and Maintenance workshop! You will get tips and resources on biking safely in the city. We will also go over the basic maintenance you can do on your bike at home, and talk about when you should bring it into the shop for some more thorough care.