Section 10: Appendix 2 - Checklist for Students

I chose my supervisor (or agreed to the choice) after appropriate review of supervisor options.

During my initial meetings with my supervisor, I have discussed the following topics:

Potential or actual thesis topic


Applying for scholarships and awards

Teaching assistantships

Availability of space

Expected hours of work

Timelines and major milestones including anticipated program completion time

When and how a supervisory committee will be chosen

Nature of guidance

Frequency and style of meetings

Who arranges meetings with the supervisor and the supervisory committee

Methods of informal communication

Turnaround time for major questions, drafts of thesis chapters, publications (as applicable)

 Turnaround time for conference presentations (as applicable)

 Intellectual property (IP) issues
(for example, ownership of data, authorship on publications, conference presentations, industry involvement, thesis publication embargoes, patents, etc.)

I understand, and have discussed with my supervisor, my program requirements including (not all may be applicable):

Required courses

Extra courses

Language/breadth requirement

Comprehensive/field/qualifying exam

Seminar attendance

Ethics review

Thesis proposal

Other (specify)

I am aware of all relevant policies and regulations of my graduate unit, the School of Graduate Studies and the University. I know where I can find these documents when needed.





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Section 3: Choosing a Supervisor

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Section 7: Finishing Up

Section 8: Scenarios

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