Studying & Working in Canada


As an international student you may need a visitor visa and/or working papers to study in Canada. The following links will provide detailed information about what is required for you to study in Canada:

CIE: Study Permits
U of T Mississauga: Is Your Study Permit Valid?
U of T Scarborough: Study Permits


As an international student you may be eligible to work in Canada during your graduate students. Visit the links below to learn more, or contact an advisor.

CIE: Are You Eligible to Work in Canada?
Government of Canada: Get a Student Work Permit

Getting a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Did you know that you will need a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to work in Canada or gain access to government programs and benefits? Learn about the SIN application and renewal process below:

How to apply for or renew a SIN
Government of Canada: SIN Overview

About Canadian Income Taxes

The Canada Revenue Agency has important tax information for international students studying in Canada. Be sure to visit their website to understand your residency status and your tax obligations as an international student.

U of T has support services and information for international students regarding Canadian taxes. For instance, you can attend a free information session about filing Canadian income taxes. Look for updates about upcoming sessions below:

CIE (St. George)
U of T Scarborough