Joint Educational Placement

What is a Joint Educational Placement?

A Joint Educational Placement (JEP) is an opportunity for individual students to pursue their doctoral degree program under the joint supervision of faculty from U of T and a collaborating Canadian or international university.

It requires two main ingredients: (1) an existing or emerging collaboration between a supervisor at the University of Toronto and a faculty member at another institution and (2) a full-time doctoral student whose research interests are shared with the two supervisors. 

If successful, the student will be awarded a single doctoral degree from the lead institution. Where U of T is the lead institution, the transcript and parchment will state that the degree has been "Awarded as a single degree under a Joint Placement arrangement with (the other institution)." Verify with the other institution whether a separate transcript and parchment will be issued. Where U of T is the collaborator institution, only a transcript with the same note will be issued.  ​

International Doctoral Clusters (IDCs)

A new initiative at the University of Toronto, International Doctoral Clusters (IDCs) enable 6-12 supervisors from the University of Toronto and a leading international institution to form co-supervisory relationships with doctoral students whose progress is then managed under individual Joint Educational Placement Agreements that are linked by an institutional Memorandum of Understanding. IDCs aim to strengthen relationships with top global institutions, attract the best international talent, and produce a new generation of researchers whose insights are profoundly enriched by this unique opportunity.

To establish an IDC, co-supervisors are invited to present an academic rationale to identify areas of complementary research strength and confirm their commitment to be active participants in the alliance. A five-year plan outlining funding commitments from each institution and identifying areas in need of additional financial support must accompany the rationale, along with an implementation plan. Beginning in the 2017-18 academic year, proposals for IDCs will be accepted four times annually: February 1, May 1, September 1, and December 1.

To access detailed instructions, please download the proposal document:

IDC Proposal Instructions

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Download the JEP Agreement and JEP Checklist.

Download the Request for Ancillary and Incidental Fees Adjustment Form.