Visiting & Exchange Opportunities

International Visiting Graduate Student (IVGS) Study Abroad Agreement

For international graduate students seeking to conduct research at U of T for up to three sessions, the International Visiting Graduate Student (IVGS) Study Abroad Agreement facilitates visits by international graduate students who do not fall under an approved exchange program to participate in short-term research activities at U of T.

Incoming Exchange Students

If you are from one of U of T's partner institutions and are interested in studying at U of T as an exchange student, visit the Centre for International Experience (CIE) website for information about coming to U of T as an incoming exchange student.

Additional information about Visiting & Exchange Opportunities can be found here.

Joint Educational Placement 

A Joint Educational Placement (JEP) is an opportunity for individual students to pursue their doctoral degree program under the joint supervision of faculty from U of T and a collaborating Canadian or international university.

It requires two main ingredients: (1) an existing or emerging collaboration between a supervisor at the University of Toronto and a faculty member at another institution and (2) a full-time doctoral student whose research interests are shared with the two supervisors. 

If successful, the student will be awarded a single doctoral degree from the lead institution. The University of Toronto will issue a parchment and transcript indicating that the degree has been "awarded as a single degree under a Joint Placement arrangement with (the other institution)." This other institution may also issue a parchment.

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