What is an Offer of Admission?

Offer of Admission

The offer of admission from the School of Graduate Studies is your official acceptance letter which outlines important information about your program (e.g., start date, graduate unit, program, and degree). Very often there are conditions on the offer, which must be satisfied before registration is permitted. Below are details on how to clear some of the most common conditions. If a condition in the offer letter is not included in the examples below, and you're unsure how to clear it, please contact your graduate unit. The term "graduate unit" is used to refer to the department, Faculty, school, or institute offering your graduate program.


(1) Completion of your current program with a specific average and confirmation of degree conferred.

This condition has two elements that must be satisfied:

    1. proof that you have obtained the specified average and

    2. proof that you have received your degree.

You must arrange to have a transcript of your final official academic record forwarded to your home graduate unit once you have completed your coursework and received your degree. If your transcript is forwarded before it has been updated to indicate conferral of degree, the second part of the condition will not be cleared. To save time and expense, ensure that your academic transcript includes the confirmation of degree conferred.

If you satisfy your requirements during the summer but will not receive your degree until after your graduate program commences, then you must arrange to have the following two documents forwarded to your graduate unit:

    1. an official transcript of your academic record which indicates final standing, and

    2. an official statement from your registrar which confirms that the degree requirements have been satisfied and indicates the expected date of degree conferral.

(2) Authentication of self-reported grades: This condition requires you to authenticate self-reported grades by providing your graduate unit with official transcript(s) of your academic record, directly from the issuing institution(s) by the specified date.

(3) Certified English translation of academic record or diploma: If your transcript or degree is not in English, you must arrange to have the document translated by an authorized translation service or your embassy or consulate.