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Groundbreaking Research

U of T is Canada's largest university-based research enterprise. In addition to our size, what helps postdocs achieve success is our interdisciplinary approach and collaborative model of academic advancement. Our departments and faculty members partner with notable research institutions as they push forward to the next big discovery.

In order to help our postdocs succeed, we've worked with the provincial and federal government to identify key areas of research where federal funds will be targeted in the future.

Energy and the Environment

Health Sciences

Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Innovation

Information Communication Technology

Social Innovation

Visit U of T's Research and Innovation website for more on the power of our multidisciplinary research model, and how it can propel your career forward.

Canada's Largest Academic Library System

U of T is home to Canada's largest academic library system. Our library is ranked third among peer institutions in North America, following Harvard and Yale. This incredible system consists of 44 individual libraries with 12 million volumes in 128 languages, 100,000 serial titles, and 660,000 electronic journals. To ensure our collective knowledge is always up to date, we also add more than 100,000 new print volumes per year. 

Get Involved: Campus Activities & Groups

With three campuses, 80,000 students, and 2,000 postdoctoral fellows, there's always something going on at U of T. We facilitate many ways to socialize and network including:

Student Life Programs & Services

Take advantage of the Leadership Skills for Grads program to develop your leadership competencies and further your professional development.


Connect with specialized workshops.

Grad Room

Our comfortable lounge features a Second Cup coffee shop, free Wi-Fi, and a meeting room for academic, social, and professional events. Open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm. See the calendar of events.

Language & Writing Support

Advanced communication training can be an instrumental component of your future academic success. To help you excel, we offer workshops through our Graduate Centre for Academic Communication (GCAC) program. Register now and get help with grant proposals, presentations, and more.

​If you are looking for more in-depth programs or help, you may be interested in the English Language Program available through the School of Continuing Studies at U of T. Postdoctoral fellows receive a 25% discount on any courses taken within the English Language Program unit.

U of T Resources & Services

In addition to the training program, registered postdocs also have access to some U of T resources and services. This list includes detailed information about accessing the athletic facilities on all three campuses, the Family Care Office, housing, transportation, and safety, and other resources and associations.

Please note the offices with asterisk (*) notation, have limited services/access to postdocs and/or require postdocs to purchase a membership.  

Family Care Office

This office on the St. George campus provides services and resources to meet diverse family needs, and is free to all postdocs enrolled with the Postdoctoral Office. The Family Care Office is located at 214 College Street, on the main floor. 

Athletic Centre*

On the St. George campus, the Athletic Centre is located at 55 Harbord Street. If you would like to join this facility you must first obtain a letter from the Postdoctoral Office. You can purchase a four-month or one-year plan.

Hart House*

If you would like to join Hart House you must present the engagement letter from their supervisor to the athletics reception desk. Hart House is located at 7 Hart House Circle on the St. George campus.    

UTM Recreation Athletics & Wellness Centre*

Postdocs located on the UTM campus are welcome to join the UTM facility. You should present the engagement letter from your supervisor and your T-Card in order to purchase a four-month or one-year plan.

UTSC Department of Athletics & Recreation*

Postdocs located on the UTSC campus are welcome to join the UTSC facility. You should present the engagement letter from your supervisor and your TCard in order to purchase one academic year (September 1 to April 30) or the Summer session (May to August).

Housing Services*

Postdocs can purchase a guest membership to access the off-campus housing services.

Student Family Housing

A high-rise community located at 30 and 35 Charles Street West. Postdocs may be eligible depending on availability. Please note that there are lengthy waiting lists for these apartments, and that first priority is given to full-time degree students.

Campus Police

St. George Police

UTM Police

UTSC Police

Community Safety Office TravelSafe Programs

St. George TravelSafer Call 416-978-SAFE (7233).

UTM TravelSafer Call 905-607-SAFE (7233).

UTSC has a similar program called UTSC Patrol (formerly WALKsafer). Call 416-287-7022.

Health & Safety

U of T postdocs who receive T4A income are not covered under WSIB because they are not considered employees. They are covered under the University's insurance and need to fill in the accident report for students/others/visitors found in Environmental Health and Safety. U of T postdocs who receive T4 income are covered under WSIB.

Family Care Office

The Family Care Office (FCO) supports the University of Toronto community with any family care issue by providing information, guidance, referrals, and advocacy. U of T postdocs are eligible to attend the FCO workshops.


​U of T Parking Services

Postdocs are eligible for annual parking permits. You'll need to provide a letter (on department letterhead) from the department your are doing your postdoctoral engagement, stating your stipend pay stub number and the length of your engagement contract with the University. To pay for your permit, you will have to provide payment for the full fiscal year at the time of purchase. If you have any further questions please contact the U of T Parking Services office.

Other Resources

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