Collaborative Specializations

Unique to U of T is our range of collaborative specializations involving the cooperation of two or more graduate units (departments, centres, or institutes). Currently we offer 40 collaborative specializations. In order to participate, you must be enrolled in a graduate degree program. 


Aboriginal Health
Addiction Studies
Aging, Palliative & Supportive Care Across the Life Course
Ancient & Medieval Philosophy
Ancient Greek & Roman History
Asia-Pacific Studies (renamed "Contemporary East and Southeast Asian Studies: Master's Level")
Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Toxicology
Book History & Print Culture
Cardiovascular Sciences
Community Development
Comparative, International & Development Education
Contemporary East and Southeast Asian Studies (NEW NAME)
Developmental Biology
Diaspora & Transnational Studies
Earth Sciences & Physics
Editing Medieval Texts
Education, Francophonies and Diversity (NEW CS)
Educational Policy
Engineering Education
Environment & Health
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Studies
Ethnic & Pluralism Studies
Genome Biology & Bioinformatics
Global Health
Health Care, Technology, & Place (admissions have closed)
Health Services & Policy Research
Human Development
Jewish Studies
Knowledge Media Design
Musculoskeletal Sciences 
Psychology and Engineering (NEW CS)
Public Health Policy
Resuscitation Sciences
Sexual Diversity Studies
South Asian Studies
Women & Gender Studies
Women's Health
Workplace Learning & Social Change