Ancient Greek & Roman History

The Department of Classics at the University of Toronto and the Graduate Program in History at York University participate in the Joint Collaborative Specialization in Ancient Greek and Roman History. The program in History provides a broad historical context and methodological framework; Classics provides integration with other fields of study within the ancient world and access to linguistic, cultural, and ancillary disciplines. The collaborative specialization operates only at the doctoral level.

Students are enrolled in one of the two units. The program is administered by a Program Committee of four faculty members, two from each unit, one of whom is the Director. The two units contribute courses and provide facilities and supervision for research. Successful completion of the program permits the designation "Completed Joint Collaborative Doctoral Specialization in Ancient Greek and Roman History" to appear on the student's transcript.

Interested applicants should contact the Director of the joint collaborative specialization as well as the graduate coordinator of the unit in which they intend to register.

Participating Degree Programs

Classics (University of Toronto) PhD
History (York University) PhD

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