Biomedical Toxicology

The Collaborative Program in Biomedical Toxicology provides graduate students with a unique opportunity to gain breadth and depth of knowledge in biomedical toxicology beyond their thesis research area. This program aims to prepare participants for careers related to toxicology. It emphasizes the development of critical thinking and communication skills in addition to acquiring greater knowledge of basic principles and specific aspects of biomedical toxicology.

The graduate programs listed below participate in this collaborative program. Students may pursue an MSc or PhD degree. Graduate units participating in the program contribute graduate courses, provide facilities, and provide supervision for graduate research.

Graduate students from departments other than the participating units listed who are interested in pursuing a program in toxicology should speak to the Director of the Collaborative Program in Biomedical Toxicology and the graduate advisor(s) in their home department to discuss the possibility. Detailed program information is available on the collaborative program's website and from the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology.

Upon successful completion, the student receives, in addition to the MSc or PhD degree in their departmental area, a notation on the transcript reading “Completed MSc Collaborative Program in Biomedical Toxicology” or “Completed PhD Collaborative Program in Biomedical Toxicology.”

Participating Degree Programs

Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology – MSc, PhD
Medical Science – MSc, PhD
Nutritional Sciences – MSc, PhD
Pharmaceutical Sciences – MSc, PhD
Pharmacology – MSc, PhD