Developmental Biology

The graduate programs listed below participate in the Collaborative Program in Developmental Biology. The objectives of the program are to:

  1. promote and foster excellence in developmental biology research in Toronto;

  2. provide a means for MSc and PhD graduate students working on developmental biology projects to be exposed to a broad range of issues and approaches in modern developmental biology;

  3. provide a single, comprehensive, advanced PhD-level graduate course to complement a number of introductory courses provided by different departments; and

  4. provide a forum for interaction between investigators in developmental biology in different departments via participation in student seminars, supervisory committees, journal clubs, retreats, and seminars/symposia.

Upon successful completion of the MSc or PhD requirements of the host department and the program, students receive the notation “Completed Program in Developmental Biology” on their transcript.

Participating Degree Programs

Biochemistry MSc, PhD

Biomedical Engineering MASc, PhD
Cell and Systems Biology MSc, PhD
Clinical Engineering MHSc

Immunology MSc, PhD
Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology MSc, PhD

Medical Science MSc, PhD
Molecular Genetics MSc, PhD
Physiology MSc, PhD

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