Engineering Education

The Collaborative Program in Engineering Education is an interdisciplinary program designed for students within home programs in engineering or education who are interested in pursuing courses and research in engineering education. This program allows students to join a small community of scholars interested in research and learning at the nexus of education and engineering practice. A core course provides students with an introduction to engineering learning, knowledge, assessment, and culture and community, while the theoretical foundations, methods, and topics related to engineering education research are explored in a seminar course. 

Research is supervised by a graduate faculty member in the student’s home department. Opportunities exist to assess and apply research findings as part of instructional initiatives within the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. Upon successful completion of the degree requirements of the participating home department and the collaborative program, students receive the notation “Completed Collaborative Program in En​gineering Education" on their transcript and parchment.

Participating Degree Programs

Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry—MASc, PhD 
Civil Engineering—MASc, PhD
Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development—MA, PhD
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering—MASc, PhD

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