Environmental Engineering


The Environmental Engineering Collaborative Program (EECP) is an interdisciplinary collaborative program designed for students interested in taking a concentration of courses and conducting research in environmental engineering. It is open to MASc, MEng, and PhD students in the collaborating graduate programs listed below in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.

About 50 full-time faculty members in these departments carry out advanced research and teach post-graduate courses in a wide range of environmental engineering specialities.

The collaborative program is administered and coordinated by the Division of Environmental Engineering and Energy Systems in conjunction with the participating departments and the School of the Environment.

Students who complete the EECP requirements will obtain the following statement on their transcript: “Completed Collaborative Program in Environmental Engineering.”

Participating Degree Programs

Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry – MASc, MEng, PhD
Civil Engineering – MASc, MEng, PhD
Materials Science and Engineering – MASc, MEng, PhD
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering – MASc, MEng, PhD

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