Ethnic & Pluralism Studies​​

The Graduate Collaborative Program in Ethnic and Pluralism Studies at the University of Toronto aims to increase opportunities for graduate students to engage in interdisciplinary study in fields related to ethnic and pluralism studies. This is a wide and varied topic, and includes ethnic and race relations, international migration and immigration, cultural and linguistic communities, inter-group dynamics, nationalist movements, aboriginal affairs, and human rights. It also includes questions of policy arising from these issues. ​The graduate programs listed below participate in the Collaborative Program in Ethnic and Pluralism Studies. 

Upon successful completion of the degree requirements of the participating home department and the collaborative program, students receive the notation “Completed Collaborative Program in Ethnic and Pluralism Studies” on their transcript and parchment.

Participating Degree Programs

Anthropology—MA, PhD
Educational Leadership and Policy—MA, MEd, EdD, PhD
European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies—MA
Geography—MA, PhD
Global Affairs—MGA 
History—MA, PhD
Industrial Relations and Human Resources—MIRHR, PhD
Language and Literacies Education—MA, MEd, PhD
Political Science—MA, PhD
Public Policy—MPP
Religion—MA, PhD
Social Justice Education—MA, MEd, EdD, PhD
Social Work—MSW, PhD
Sociology—MA, PhD
Women and Gender Studies—MA, PhD​​