Genome Biology and Bioinformatics

The recent elucidation of the genomes of many organisms has led to the appreciation that our knowledge of the function of the proteome and other “omes” of any given organism is far from complete. A wide range of computational, theoretical, biochemical, structural, cell biological, and genetic approaches need to cooperate to establish the connections between sequence, structure, and function.

The Collaborative Program in Genome Biology and Bioinformatics addresses this need for cooperation with a coherent course of study that educates and trains doctoral graduate students across these diverse disciplines. The program serves as a model for a content-driven, interdepartmental unit that responds to the University’s need to adapt to cutting-edge scientific developments.

The graduate programs listed below participate in the Collaborative Program in Genome Biology and Bioinformatics. Upon successful completion of the PhD requirements of the host department and the program, students receive the notation “Completed Program in Genome Biology and Bioinformatics" on their transcript.

Participating Degree Programs

Biochemistry – PhD
Biomedical Engineering – PhD
Cell and Systems Biology – PhD
Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry – PhD
Computer Science – PhD
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology – PhD
Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology – PhD
Medical Biophysics – PhD
Medical Science – PhD
Molecular Genetics – PhD