Health Services & Policy Research​ ​

The Collaborative Program in Health Services and Policy Research began in 2001 as a consortium of six Ontario universities, called the Ontario Training Centre. It was established in a response to the need for increased numbers of health services researchers to address critical issues in effective and efficient health care delivery (which has been identified as a top priority by national research funding agencies). The Ontario Training Centre was part of a pan-Canadian initiative involving other provincial centres. After its first decade of operations, funding for the centre has concluded. However, the Collaborative Program in Health Services and Policy Research continues to attract graduate students from the University of Toronto from a variety of disciplines.

The overall goal of the collaborative program is to increase health research capacity in Ontario through an innovative training program that builds on existing strengths in university and decision-making environments.

Partnering with a number of health care organizations, the Collaborative Program in Health Services and Policy Research offers graduate training leading to a Diploma in Health Services and Policy Research.

Specific objectives of the program include:

  • providing training in health services research for graduate students;

  • enhancing the quality and breadth of transdisciplinary training in health services research; and

  • including decision makers as active partners in teaching, program and curriculum planning, and the provision of field placements for students.

This competency-based program focuses on the following five areas:

  1. understanding the Canadian health care system;

  2. ability to carry out health services research;

  3. understanding theories regarding how the health of populations is produced;

  4. understanding theories of health and health services knowledge production; and

  5. knowledge exchange and development of research partnerships.

Upon successful completion of the degree requirements of the participating home department and the collaborative program, students receive the notation “Completed Collaborative Program in Health Services and Policy Research” on their transcript and parchment.

Participating Degree Programs

Exercise Sciences – MSc, PhD
Health Policy, Management and Evaluation – MSc, PhD
Pharmaceutical Sciences – MSc, PhD
Public Health Sciences – PhD
Rehabilitation Science – MSc
Social Work – PhD

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