Jewish Studies

The Collaborative Program in Jewish Studies offers both broad and intensive exposure to the constituent fields within Jewish Studies. Because of Jewish civilization's vast chronological and geographical range, as well as its constant interaction and crossfertilization with other cultures, graduate work within Jewish Studies demands intensive exposure to a wide variety of languages, textual traditions, and scholarly disciplines.

The collaborative program involves the graduate master's and doctoral programs listed below. Upon successful completion of the degree requirements of the participating home department and the collaborative program, students receive the notation "Completed Collaborative Program in Jewish Studies" on their transcript and parchment.

Participating Degree Programs

Anthropology – MA, PhD
Classics – MA, PhD
Comparative Literature – MA, PhD
Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies – MA, PhD
English – MA, PhD
European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies – MA
Geography – PhD
Germanic Languages and Literatures – MA
German Literature, Culture and Theory – PhD
History – MA, PhD
History of Art – MA, PhD
Information Studies – PhD
Linguistics – PhD
Medieval Studies – MA, PhD
Museum Studies – MMSt
Music – MA, DMA, PhD
Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations – MA, PhD
Philosophy – MA, PhD
Political Science – MA, PhD
Religion – MA, PhD
Slavic Languages and Literatures – MA, PhD
Sociology – MA, PhD
Women and Gender Studies – MA

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