The graduate programs listed below participate in the Collaborative Program in Neuroscience (CPIN). Participating graduate units contribute courses and provide facilities and supervision for graduate research. Students must follow a program of studies acceptable to both the participating unit and the Neuroscience program. Upon successful completion of the requirements, students receive, in addition to the master’s or PhD degree in their discipline, the notation “Completed Collaborative Program in Neuroscience” on their transcripts as well as a certificate.

Students interested in joining the program should go to the Neuroscience website and complete the application form. Students should register within one month of initial registration in their participating degree unit. The Neuroscience website provides areas of research for all faculty in the collaborative program, their graduate unit affiliations and contact information, as well as additional information on neuroscience courses.

Students in the program receive the Collaborative Program in Neuroscience newsletter and a monthly calendar listing neuroscience lectures held on campus. The program runs a Distinguished Lecturer Series of talks by eminent neuroscientists and an annual poster day, which students are required to attend and present at.

Participating Degree Programs

Biochemistry – MSc, PhD
Biomedical Engineering – MASc, MSc, PhD
Cell and Systems Biology – MSc, PhD
Computer Science – MSc, PhD
Dentistry – MSc, PhD
Developmental Psychology and Education – MA, PhD
Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology – MSc, PhD
Medical Biophysics – MSc, PhD
Medical Science – MSc, PhD
Molecular Genetics – MSc, PhD
Music - MA, PhD
Pharmaceutical Sciences – MSc, PhD
Pharmacology – MSc, PhD
Physiology – MSc, PhD
Psychology – MA, PhD
Rehabilitation Science – MSc, PhD