Resuscitation Sciences

The goal of the Collaborative Specialization in Resuscitation Sciences is to train scientists pursuing research in the optimal care of the acutely ill and injured patient and, ultimately, to create leaders in the discipline who will supervise others providing this level of scientific inquiry. The program appeals to students from a wide variety of backgrounds with an interest in any aspect of resuscitation science.

Resuscitation Sciences includes a number of medical areas such as trauma, critical care, emergency medicine, neurotrauma, anaesthesia, shock, sepsis, acute coronary syndrome, paediatric care, cardiovascular, peripheral vascular, and rehabilitation medicine. Many non-medicine disciplines such as engineering, basic science, and public health, as well as allied health professions such as nursing, pharmacy, and paramedicine, will find synergies in the Resuscitation Sciences program. Research programs can use methodologies ranging from molecular medicine and genomics through clinical trials and outcomes to engineering, health administration, and health prevention strategies. Resultant advances in knowledge will ultimately be applied to the clinical setting.

Interested students must first apply to and be accepted in one of the participating degree programs listed below, and then apply to the collaborative program. Students must follow a course of study acceptable to both the home unit and the collaborative program. Upon successful completion of the requirements of the host department and the program, students receive the degree from their home unit and the notation "Completed the Collaborative Specialization in Resuscitation Sciences" on their transcript.

Participating Degree Programs

Biomedical Engineering – PhD
Clinical Engineering – MHSc
Community Health – MScCH
Health Policy, Management and Evaluation – MSc, PhD
Immunology – MSc, PhD
Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology – MSc, PhD
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering – MASc, MEng, PhD
Medical Science – MSc, PhD
Nursing Science – MN, PhD
Pharmaceutical Sciences – MSc, PhD
Pharmacology – MSc, PhD
Physiology – MSc, PhD
Public Health Sciences – MPH, MSc, PhD
Rehabilitation Science – MSc, PhD

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