South Asian Studies

The interdisciplinary Collaborative Master’s and Doctoral Program in South Asian Studies is designed for students who wish to acquire a nuanced understanding of South Asia as a secondary area of specialization while pursuing graduate studies in another discipline. The focus of this program is necessarily broad in that it provides students with an understanding of ancient and modern history, social change, economic development, contemporary politics, religious traditions, literary culture, and a spectrum of related topics.

The Centre for South Asian Studies, which administers the collaborative program, provides a nucleus for the participation of South Asian Studies scholars from across the University. Students will benefit from the physical presence of the centre and its regular activities of research fora, conferences, and visiting lecturer and scholar programs. In addition, the University’s library collection in South Asian studies is the largest in Canada.

Master’s and doctoral students wishing to be admitted to the collaborative program must apply to one of the participating graduate programs listed below.
Students who successfully complete the requirements of the collaborative program will receive the notation “Completed Collaborative Program in South Asian Studies” on their transcript, in addition to the master’s or doctoral degree from their graduate unit.

Participating Degree Programs

Anthropology – MA, MSc, PhD
Comparative Literature – MA, PhD
Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies – MA, PhD
East Asian Studies – MA, PhD
English – MA, PhD
Geography – MA, PhD
History – MA, PhD
Music – MA, PhD
Political Science – PhD
Religion – MA, PhD
Social Justice Education – MA, MEd, EdD, PhD
Women and Gender Studies – MA, PhD

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