Women and Gender Studies (Collaborative Program)


The Graduate Collaborative Program in Women and Gender Studies (CWGS) provides students with an opportunity for advanced feminist studies in concert with an MA or PhD degree in another discipline. The program offers a rich interdisciplinary environment in which to grapple with how gender and sexuality are tangled with questions of race, citizenship, embodiment, colonialism, nation, global capitalism, violence, aesthetics, and other pressing concerns.

The graduate programs listed below participate in the Collaborative Program in Women and Gender Studies at the University of Toronto. The collaborating units contribute courses and provide facilities and supervision for graduate research. The program is administered by the Women and Gender Studies Institute (WGSI). The CWGS brings together 34 graduate programs, more than 100 courses, and more than 100 graduate faculty members. Core faculty members bring transnational feminist commitments to the study of diverse sites and their interconnection with particular focus on Canada, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, East Asia, and the United States.

Upon successful completion of the degree requirements of the participating home department and the collaborative program, students receive the notation “Completed Collaborative Program in Women and Gender Studies” on their transcript and parchment.

Participating Degree Programs

Adult Education and Community Development—MA, MEd, PhD
Anthropology—MA, MSc, PhD
Cinema Studies—MA
Classics—MA, PhD
Comparative Literature—MA, PhD
Counselling and Clinical Psychology—MA, PhD
Counselling Psychology—MEd, EdD
Criminology—MA, PhD
Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development—MA, MEd, PhD
Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies—MA, PhD
East Asian Studies—MA, PhD
Educational Leadership and Policy—MA, MEd, EdD, PhD
English—MA, PhD
Exercise Sciences—MSc, PhD
French Language and Literature—MA, PhD
Geography—MA, MSc, PhD
Germanic Languages and Literatures—A
German Literature, Culture and Theory—
Health Administration—MHSc
Health Policy, Management and Evaluation—MSc, PhD
Higher Education—MA, MEd, EdD, PhD
History—MA, PhD
Information Studies—PhD
Language and Literacies Education—MA, MEd, PhD
Medieval Studies—MA, PhD
Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations—MA, PhD
Philosophy—MA, PhD
PlanningMScPl, PhD
Political Science—MA, PhD
Public Health Sciences—MPH, PhD
Religion—MA, PhD
Social Justice Education—MA, MEd, EdD, PhD
Social Work—MSW, PhD
Sociology—MA, PhD
Spanish—MA, PhD​ 

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