Latin American Scholarship Programs (CALDO)

Award Overview


Today, U of T is home to approximately 650 students from Latin America, many of whom are graduates of the region’s leading universities.

International PhD students in most programs at U of T are charged the same tuition fees as our domestic students. To further attract and support Latin America’s best and brightest students, U of T has established a number of scholarship agreements with government agencies and foundations in Canada and Latin America.

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Post Doctoral Fellowships

Open PhD: Tuition; up to $23,064 CAD/yr stipend; airfare, health insurance; relocation assistance; and support for dependents.

Post Doctoral Fellowship: Airfare; $37,344 CAD/yr stipend; health insurance; and relocation assistance.

Chile CONICYT Master’s & PhD Open Airfare; tuition; $24,324 CAD/yr stipend; dependent support; books/ materials costs; health insurance; return assistance; and relocation assistance.
Colombia MinCiencias (previously COLCIENCIAS) PhD STEM Up to $340,400 CAD in funding.
Ecuador SENESCYT PhD, Master’s and Medical Programs Call dependent Airfare; tuition; $26,400 CAD/yr stipend; and health insurance.
Mexico* CONACyT Master’s & PhD Yes; see CONACYT website​ for list PhD: Tuition; $17,122 CAD/yr stipend; health insurance; and dependent support.

CONACyT – FUNED Master’s: $15,562 CAD in credit-scholarship; $17,122 CAD/yr stipend; health insurance; and dependent support.

Panama SENACYT/IFARHU Doctoral-stream (Master’s and PhD) STEM Up to $60,000 CAD per year.
Paraguay BECAL Master’s & PhD STEM PhD: Up to $233,000 CAD.

Master’s: Up to $100,000 CAD.

Peru PRONABEC Doctoral-stream (Master’s and PhD) STEM Airfare; tuition; $18,276 CAD/yr stipend; books/materials; health insurance; and additional funds for research costs.
Uruguay ANII PhD Yes; see ANII website for list Up to $103,520 CAD in funding.

Funding criteria and levels may vary from call to call. Hence, applicants are encouraged to check the scholarship agency website for up to date information.

*U of T has an independent agreement with CONACYT and therefore does not operate under the CALDO-CONACYT agreement.

Note: While Latin American scholarships listed above may be held in any associated funded program, only those eligible under the CALDO agreements will provide the fee differential between the international and domestic tuition. This includes most research-stream master’s and doctoral programs, which provide graduate funding. In all cases, applicants must receive written confirmation from their proposed graduate program at UofT to verify that it is an eligible program under the CALDO agreements. Professional and course-based master’s and doctoral programs are not considered to be eligible programs under the agreement.

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