SGS Calendar 2016-17


​​​​​​​​​​Calendar Sections​​​​

Dean's Welcome​ and Mission Statement

Important Notices

General policies and guidelines applying to graduate students.

Graduate Programs at a Glance

Overview of degree, combined, collaborative, and diploma programs.

Programs by Graduate Unit

Alphabetical list of graduate programs: degree, collaborative, diploma, and joint programs. See also combined degree programs.

Sessional Dates

Events and academic deadlines.


Degree Regulations

​Fee Regulations

Fees schedules, types of fees, and fees for graduate student categories are explained.

Financial Support

Awards, assistantships, grants, and loans available to graduate students.


Revisions made to the 2016-17 SGS Calendar since the publication date of June 2016.

Calendar Quick Links

Look for a graduate faculty member in the relevant gra​duate unit entry.

Look for a supervisor in the A to Z list of faculty members.

Student Life offers services that enhance graduate life and support you during your studies.

Historical calendar archives contain editions of the SGS Calendar going back to 2001-02.​