Angola | International Credentials Equivalencies

Minimum GPA
B Plus GPA
Instruction Languages
Bachelors Equiv.
*Licenciatura or professional title; superior academic standing required
Masters Equiv.
Mestre, Doctorate
Grading System

20-point scale, with 10 as pass/fail level
16-20 very good
13-15 good
10-12 satisfactory

Recognized Universities

Universidade Agostinho Neto
Universidade Católica de Angola
Instituto Superior de Ciencias de Educacao (ISCED)

Notes for Angola

*The title of Bacharel is granted after three years of post-secondary study; a further two years study (or five years total) is required before the Licenciatura is awarded and the title Licenciado bestowed. In medicine, six years of post-secondary study is required before the Licenciatura is conferred.

Last modified: June 13, 2019