Burkina Faso | International Credentials Equivalencies

Minimum GPA
Instruction Languages
Bachelors Equiv.
*Maitrise, Diplome d`Ingenieur (with minimum 4 years of study)
Masters Equiv.
Diplome d`Etudes superieures specialisees (DESS), Diplome d`Etudes approfondies (DEA)
Grading System

20-point scale, with 10 as minimum pass
16-20 très bien
14-15 bien
12-13 assez bien
10-11 passable
0-9 fail

Recognized Universities

Université de Ouagadougou

Notes for Burkina Faso

* The first stage of post-secondary study is two years; this leads to the conferral of the Diplôme d’Etudes universitaires générales (DEUG), the Diplôme universitaire de Technologie (DUT) or, in the Health Sciences, the Premier Cycle d’Etudes médicales (PCEM). A further year of study is required before the Licence is conferred. The Maîtrise may be obtained after an additional year of study; the Diplôme d’Ingénieur requires three years of study following the completion of the Licence or the DUT.

Last modified: October 18, 2019